How we handle your Personal Data

Wherever you visit an NHS service in England a record is created for you. This means medical information about you can be held in various places, including your GP practice, any hospital where you've had treatment, your dentist practice, and so on. 

At times, this can delay information sharing which can affect decision making and slow down treatment. 

To help improve the sharing of important information about you, the NHS in England is using an electronic record called the Summary Care Record (SCR) – See the section below for more information. 

A health record (sometimes referred to as medical record) should contain all the clinical information about the care you received. This is important so every healthcare professional involved at different stages of your care has access to your medical history, such as allergies, operations or tests. Based on this information, healthcare professionals can make judgements about your care going forward.

You can choose to opt out of having an SCR at any time. If you do opt out, you need to let your GP practice know by filling in an opt-out form. If you are unsure whether you have already opted out, you should talk to the staff at your GP practice. 

If you change your mind, simply ask your GP to create a new SCR for you.

For more information about Summary Care Records, visit NHS Choices, contact, phone 0300 303 5678 or visit the HSCIC's website.