You can now book your apppointments ONLINE using  Patient Access

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Appointments can be made by telephone, on-line (you must have registered for this facility with the practice) or by calling at the surgery.

Routine Appointments are available each week day mornings from 8am to 12.30pm and afternoons from 2pm to 6.30pm. 
We also provide routine pre-bookable Appointments from 7am on Wednesday mornings and up to 8pm on alternate Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Appointments are available on alternate Saturday mornings between 8 and 10.30am.



A proportion of all doctor Appointments can be pre-booked 1 month in advance. The remaining Appointments are released at 8am each morning for that day (6:30am online).

If there are no available Appointments and you have a problem which needs to be dealt with on the day, you will be seen by the duty doctor or a nurse practitioner. This will be a short Appointment to deal with the current problem only. Appointment slots are for 10 minutes. The doctor will try to deal with the issues you raise within that time however they may ask you to return at a later date to deal with any outstanding issues not fully explored.

When you telephone the practice to ask for an Appointment with a doctor / nurse, the receptionist may ask you for a brief indication of your problem so that she can direct you to the most appropriate service. The doctor may not be the most appropriate person for your needs e.g. our nurses do much of the care for Asthma, Diabetes, Blood Pressure etc as well as minor illnesses such as coughs etc.

If you prefer not to disclose your medical problem with the receptionist, your privacy will be respected. You will then be offered a routine Appointment with the GP of your choice, if available. It should be remembered not all GP's work every day


Practice Nurse Appointments

When you make an Appointment with the practice nurse please advise the receptionist of the reason (eg, blood pressure check, diabetic review, etc) so that she can allocate the appropriate time for your Appointment. For example, a blood pressure check may takes 10 minutes but a diabetic review can take up to 30 minutes.
If you prefer not to disclose your medical problem with the receptionist, your privacy will be respected and a routine Appointment booked.


Telephone Appointments

We offer telephone Appointments to deal with problems that may not need a face-to-face consultation. These will be booked for a specific time and you will be asked for the telephone number at which you can be reached.