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Telephone 0203 049 2820

26 Holmshaw Close , London , SE26 4TH
Telephone: 020 3049 2820
Fax: 0203 049 2821


   3 Easy Steps to sign up to Patient Access



Step One

  • Go in person to the practice and speak with a receptionist, asking them to register you for Patient Access. Adults aged 16 and over must register in person at reception with proof of identity such as a passport, driver's licence or utility bill. You will be given a registration letter with an access code and PIN number which is unique to each patient and which you need when you first pre-register online.

    Click Screen Shot to see an example Registration Form

Step Two

  • Now that you have registered your interest with a Receptionist at the Practice and have your registration letter, you can click here and begin to set up your account online. Screen Shot.

    Simply enter your PIN, Practice Number, Access ID and NHS Number in the required fields and press Submit. You will then be asked to give some security details about yourself. Complete the information and click Submit. If you completed the information successfully, then you will be presented with this message
    Screen Shot.

Step Three

  • You should by now have completed STEP 1 and STEP 2.
    You are now ready to start using Patient Access. Click here to begin.

Please Note: If you want to view your medical records online, please notify the receptionists as this feature is not enabled by default when signing up to Patient Access.


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